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View more work from RENEE BEVAN
RENEE BEVAN trained at Manukau School of Visual Arts and completed a University of Auckland Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2002. Currently she works from her workshop at home in Auckland. Renee exhibits both nationally and internationally.

"Much of my work revolves around my fascination with the manufactured sentimentality and vast symbolism of flowers, mainly being the rose and carnation, as well as traditional jewellery. Both have a continuing longstanding history with commemorating love, life and death; creating endless paths for the exploration of ideas.

In my lost & found series I give mass-produced traditional jewellery a sense of antique worth by transforming their chronology. What now appear to be archaeological finds; jewellery lost, discarded and excavated; are like fossilised jewellery ingrained with fictitious history and authenticity.

In my other body of work I explore the clichés of flowers and the longstanding history of the flower in jewellery adornment. The perfect rose, the kitsch rose, the dewy Mills & Boon rose, the crafty rose, the sickly sweet Hallmark rose, and the oversize corsage. One could say I make a rose for every occasion".